Artist, Animation Professional, Online Instructor

Hi, thank you for checking out my website! My background spans the disciplines of drawing, painting, filmmaking and animation. Starting out, I studied Film in Dublin, and also at the Tisch School of the Arts, at NYU in New York. I worked in the Film Industry for a number of years before specializing in Figure Drawing and Animation.

Since 2005, I have worked in studios in Vancouver and Dublin as a professional Background Designer and Environment Artist. I’ve also worked as a storyboard artist, a concept artist, and I have directed a series of three short animated films.

All in all, I’ve worked for over 15 years as an Artist, Illustrator and Animation Professional. I’ve provided artwork for studios whose clients include Disney UK, Sony Pictures Animation, HMH Publishing and Canada YTV. My short series of animated films has been used as part of a teaching pack for primary schools across Ireland.

I also have an ongoing painting and drawing practice. I teach figure drawing and paint portraits on commission, as well as exhibiting my work in galleries.

My passion is to teach others the whole spectrum of art skills that I’ve learned and developed over the course of my career.

I want to ensure that anyone who has a passion for art, animation and drawing can learn how to unlock their own natural expression.

I believe that unlocking your natural way to draw, is the doorway to unlimited possibilities and opportunities for creative work!

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