Dynamic Figure Drawing

This is a complete overview of the process of Drawing the Figure. What you will learn by the end of this class:

• a way to draw that is totally unique and natural to you

• how to see things with an artist’s eye and draw the real shapes instead of the symbols

• how to understand the figure and be able to draw the model in any given pose

• you will have gained an in-depth understanding of anatomy for artists, and know exactly the right anatomical points to look out for on the model and put into your drawings

• you’ll also have a clear and concise way of measuring while you draw so that you can ensure you draw correctly and in proportion

If you are someone who feels stuck in their drawing practice, or even if you are someone who has never attended a life drawing session but you know you want to learn how to draw the figure, then this class is for you. What I’m going to teach you is a set of techniques and approaches to the figure that will burst open the door to your very own natural and expressive style.

By the end of the class, not only will you have a complete understanding of how to draw the figure from life, but you’ll also have discovered your own voice and expression through the process. And that’s something that you can apply to any creative pursuit, not just to your drawing

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A Dynamic and Natural Approach to Drawing the Figure


Section 1: Introduction

What materials you need

How the course is structured

What is the Natural Way to Draw?

Section 2: Gesture

What is Gesture Drawing?

Techniques for Gesture Drawing

Drawing 30 Second Poses

Drawing 1 & 2 Minute Poses

Section 3: Contour Drawing

Drawing is Seeing

Blind Contour

Outer Contours and Edges

Cross Contours

Section 4: Anatomy for Artists

What Makes a “Good” Drawing?

Understanding the Torso

Drawing Torso Studies

Structure of the Legs

Structure of the Arms

Section 5: Bringing it All Together

How to Compose Your Drawing

Sighting and Measuring

Drawing a Long Study