Expressive Portrait Drawing

In this short, focused course you will learn how to draw a dynamic and expressive portrait in charcoal. Follow me step by step through the process of drawing one portrait, and together we will explore the creative, expressive qualities of charcoal: from the rough, basic block-in phase through to the final finished art work.

You’ll also learn how this way of drawing is the key to unlocking your own unique drawing voice, and your own drawing language.

Through careful observation, you’ll learn how to naturally and intuitively find the landmarks of the face, and be able to draw them easily, without complex construction or detailed measuring. Eventually this method allows you to draw freely and responsively.

An expressive portrait can be a striking and powerful artwork. It allows you to weave your own impressions of a person into a drawing that fully represents the subject.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to draw faces or portraits, in a way that is natural, easy and leaves room for your own creative expression, then this course is for you!

Plus, it’s fun! 🙂 It’s great to get messy with charcoal and draw with the FREEDOM of not having to make a photo-quality image. I hope you join me today 🙂

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Portrait Drawing in Charcoal



What Materials are Best

The Important Landmarks of the Face

Phase 1: Block In

Phase 2: Adding the Hair

Phase 3: Adding Highlights

Phase 4: Re-stating the Darks

Phase 5: The Final Pass