Figure Drawing from Life


The Natural Way to learn Figure Drawing and How to Draw from Life

This is a complete overview of the process of Figure Drawing and how to draw the figure from life. What you will learn by the end of this course:

• a way to draw the body that is totally unique and natural to you

• how to see things with an artist’s eye for figure drawing, and draw the real shapes instead of the symbols

• how to understand the figure and be able to draw the body in any given pose

• you will have gained an in-depth understanding of Anatomy for artists, how to draw Anatomy, and know exactly the right anatomical points to look out for on the model and put into your drawings

• you’ll also have a clear and concise way of measuring while you draw so that you can ensure you draw correctly and in proportion

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn how to draw the human figure, in all kinds of poses
  • You will learn how to develop your own, unique style of drawing
  • You’ll learn how to switch into pure observation mode, and see things with an Artist’s eye
  • You’ll learn and understand all about anatomy of the human figure
  • Through anatomy, you’ll learn the major landmarks of the body, what their function is and how to draw them
  • You’ll also learn how to draw the figure in proportion and how to measure when drawing from life
  • You’ll learn everything you need to know about drawing the model in a life drawing class

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Techniques for Drawing the Figure from Life with Dynamic Expression





Section 1: Human Figure Drawing for Beginners

Section 2: Gesture Drawing
What is Gesture Drawing?
The Technique of Gesture Drawing
How I Set Up for a Life Drawing Session
Drawing Demo – 30 second poses
Your Drawing Practice – 30 second poses
Drawing Demo – 1 minute poses
Your Drawing Practice – 1 minute poses
Drawing Demo – 2 minute poses
Your Drawing Practice – 2 minute poses
Gesture Review

Section 3: Contour Drawing
Introduction to Contour Drawing
Drawing Demo – Blind Contour Drawing
Your Drawing Practice – Blind Contour Drawing
Drawing Demo – Semi Blind Contour Drawing
What Makes a “Good” Drawing

Section 4: Anatomy for Artists
Introduction to Anatomy for Artists
Understanding the Torso
Drawing the Torso
Drawing the Arms
Drawing the Legs

Section 5: Composition and Measuring
Ensuring Composition in your Drawing
How to Measure for Proportion

Conclusion – Final Tips