Background Design

Welcome to the world of background art and environment design!

This course is going to teach you the fundamentals of creating artwork for animation, including concept art, color keys, layout sketches and final background painting.

This is your chance to learn the skills and concepts to become a background designer!

You are going to learn how to paint digitally, how to draw backgrounds and how to develop a sketch to a fully realized background for a scene.

In this course you’ll work on 2 background projects that I’ve crafted for you so that you can learn and practice different and varied styles of background art.

Along the way you’ll also learn all about the principles of background design for animation, as well as tips and tricks that I’ve used as a background artist throughout my career in the animation industry.

In the first project, you’ll get to learn:

• all about the color wheel, and explore color harmony rules.

•You’ll learn about lighting, and how to use light and shadow in your painting.

•You’ll learn to use a specific brush pack and show you brush and painting techniques.

•You’ll also learn how to create amazing atmospheric effects in your paintings and paint up a concept art fantasy scene.

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Lean the Art of Background Design for Animation

Course Curriculum

If you are interested in creating concept art for Film or Animation, then this course will not only teach you techniques for painting, but will also teach you the principles and theory of visual language.

In this class you’ll learn key, important principles for composition that are fundamental to background or concept art for film, games and animation.

  • You’re gong to learn how to create a visual sense of depth in your digital painting, as well as how to create a visual sense of story.
  • You’ll learn about Leading Lines, Contrast and the all-important Rule of Thirds
  • You’ll learn WHY the rule of thirds works, and you’ll understand that it has much more to do than just simply making a pleasing image.
  • You’ll learn how this RULE affects the work that professional concept artists create in the wider context of the animation production.
  • You’re also going to learn how to make visual research, how to collect and analyses images for a project, and then how to distill your own vision into a series of thumbnails on which to base your final project.