Character Animation: Dialogue


I’m going to guide you through, step by step, the exact process that professional animators use to add lip sync animation to a dialogue track, and set key poses to their character in any scene for a TV show or a movie.

This course is the third course in a series on learning 2D animation. My first two animation courses are:

  • Learn to Animate: Animation Principles
  • 2d Character Animation: Walk Cycles

If you are brand new to animation, and want to know how to set key frames, how to work with animation principles, check out the first 2 courses in the series. This course focuses solely on how to rig and animate a character for dialogue. At the end of the course, you’ll be able to animate a character to a short audio clip, and be bale to do smooth, acting poses.

What you’ll learn

  • You’ll learn animation techniques to bring a character to life!
  • You’ll learn how to add a dialogue track
  • How to create mouth shapes
  • How to animate the mouth to the dialogue
  • How to animate key poses, with anticipation + overshoot
  • How to rig your character to animate eye blinks, hand poses and facial expressions
  • How to animate a scene
  • You’ll learn Adobe Animate

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Learn How to Rig and Animate a Character for Dialogue and Acting




Section 1: Introduction
Using the Exercise Files
Overview of the Steps
Anatomy of a Character in Adobe Animate

Section 2:
Importing the Rough Drawing
Creating the Head
Building the Torso and Arms
Adding the Legs and Feet
Arranging the Layers
Adding Hair

Section 3: Finalizing the Rig
Rigging the Eyes
Choosing a Mouth Chart
Mouth Shapes Part 1
Mouth Shapes Part 2

Section 4: Animating to Dialogue
Adding a Sound File
Key Framing the Dialogue
Adding ExpressionsA
Creating Multiple Hand Poses

Section 5: Animating the Acting Poses
Animating Pose 1
Animating Pose2
Animating Pose 3
Animating Pose 4
Smoothing the Animation
Checking the Frames

Section 6: Final Touches
Adjusting the Timing
Advanced Options