Character Animation: Walk Cycles


If you are ready to take your animation to the next level and start working on CHARACTER ANIMATION, CHARACTER DESIGN & CHARACTER RIGGING, then this course is for you.

If you love animation and cartoons, and want to know how to design your own characters for animation; if you want to learn animation skills that can open the doors to an actual career path in the animation industry, or if you just want to learn how to make your own short animated films, this course will teach you exactly those skills. This workflow is based around character animation in Adobe Animate.

What you’ll learn

  • how to come up with a concepts for characters, and how to draw rough drawings, and test poses
  • how to finalise your drawing to import into animation software
  • how to use Adobe Animate to design and build a fully working and animation ready character rig – this includes working with drawing tools, layers and symbols
  • how to animate a character frame by frame and with Aniamte’s tween function
  • how to animate a jump; and how to animate a walk cycle
  • finally how to add your animation to a scene with a background, how to add music, camera moves and overlays.

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Design, Rig and Animate a Character: walking and walk cycles




Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: The Character Design Process
Drawing Rough Sketches Part 1
Drawing Rough Sketches Part 2
Preparing your Drawing for Animate
Setting up Your Workspace in Animate
Overview of the Drawing Tools in Animate
Working with Symbols

Section 3: Building Your Character Rig
Building the Pirate’s Face
Building the Pirate’s Hat
Building the Pirate’s Shirt
Building the Legs and Boots
Turning parts into Symbols
Checking the Rig for Animation

Section 4: Animation Projects
Animation Project 1: Key Poses for the Jump
Animation Project 1: In-betweens for the Jump
Anatomy of a Walk
Animating the Pirate Walking
Animation Project 2: Looped Walk Cycle

Section 5: Creating a Scene with your Animation
Adding Animation to a Scene
Something Missing!
Adding a Mask to your Animation
Combining the Jump and the Walk in One Scene
Adding Music to Your Animation
Final Touch: Animating the Tavern Doors

Section 6: Conlcusion
Export Settings for Your Animation