Character Concept Art


This course is a deep dive, complete step-by-step guide to creating characters and concept art. I will walk you through the process from start to finish and by the end of the course you will have a stunning portfolio piece.  Along the way,

  • you will learn how to draw the human figure; 
  • how to draw stylised characters; 
  • how to create characters for animation; 
  • and how to easily come up with interesting character designs yourself, all the time. 

You’ll also learn how to paint and add colour to your designs, as well as how to add textures, shading, and effects to really make your characters leap off the screen! If you want to learn how to draw characters, how to paint concept art for animation or games, and how to come up with characters with compelling storylines, this course is for you!

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn the professional way to create character designs and concept art
  • You’ll learn how to come up with ideas for character designs, how to draw characters out of your head easily at any time
  • You’ll learn the proportions of the human figure, how to draw the human figure in any pose, plus how to draw the face and draw the face in any angle
  • Colour can be daunting! But you will be able to master colour like a pro and work with a limited palette to create stunning professional looking artwork
  • If you want to have a portfolio that stands out and looks amazing, you will learn all the techniques for creating artwork that will be eye catching and impressive
  • If you are interested in Animation, Gaming, Manga, Comic Book Art or digital painting in general you’ll learn professional techniques and processes that will help you create any art that you want

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A Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Character Concept Art.




Section 1: Introduction
Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop

Section 2: Drawing Skills
Drawing Figures
Drawing Faces from any Angle
Exercises for Building Characters

Section 3: Research and Development
R & D: Who is your Character
R & D: Collecting Visual Reference

Section 4: Drawing Your Roughs
Rough Drawing Method 1
Rough Drawing Method 2
Merging the Roughs
Adding a Stylized Character
Final Line Work and Clean Up
Final Clean Up Jenna
Final Clean Up Tar-Gus

Section5: The Painting Process
Choosing a Color Palette
Creating Your Flat Colours
Adding Shading and Lighting
Painting the Face
Painting the Clothing

Section 6: Final Render Stages
Making Adjustments
Final Render
Adding a Background of Environment
Effects fro Atmosphere