Drawing Foundations


In this course you will learn how to draw : by learning the 3 most important skills that you can use to  draw anything. From there, you will have a foundation on which to build a lifetime of drawing.

If you’ve never drawn anything before, or if  you’d love to get better at drawing, then this course teaches you how to confidently and consistently draw anything.

If you can draw, then wherever you are no matter what, once you have something to draw with, and something to draw on, then you can be an artist. That is all it takes. You don’t need anything else. But even if you don’t necessarily want to be an artist, learning to draw is a deeply creative endeavour that helps you to see the world differently and naturally feeds into all aspects of your other work.

What you’ll learn

  • This course teaches you the right foundations for how to draw
  • how to draw from observation
  • how to draw a still life
  • how to draw figures;
  • You’ll learn the skills to enable you to draw anything from observation
  • You’ll learn how to see things like an artist, even as a beginner who wants to learn how to draw
  • You’ll learn how to keep a sketchbook and draw everyday, learn sketchbook drawing
  • You’ll learn how the right way of looking and observing is what helps you draw
  • You’ll learn how to draw shapes
  • how to draw a room
  • Pencil Drawing step by step

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Learn the foundations to build a lifetime of drawing




Section 1: Introduction
Drawing and Photography
Drawing and Seeing

Section 2: Foundation 1: Seeing Shapes and Edges
Seeing Shapes
Exercise 1: Simple Contour Drawing
Exercise 2: Upside Down Drawing
Exercise 3: Still Life with Contours
Exercise 4: Blind Drawing

Section 3: Foundation 2: Seeing Relationships of Size
Learning to See Relationships
Exercise 5: Drawing Negative Space

Exercise 6: Sighting
Exercise 7: Sighting an InteriorSection 4: Seeing Form
Learning to See Form
Exercise 8: Light and Shadow
Exercise 9: Gesture Drawing
Exercise 10: Gesture Drawing