Gesture Drawing

Gesture Drawing is the KEY to unlock your unique creative voice, and the key to unlock YOUR drawing. With this way of drawing, you can DRAW ANYTHING.

Gesture drawing is the most important skill for a beginner to learn because it ensures that you can draw confidently, and that you can draw what YOU see, that no one else sees. Most people misunderstand Gesture drawing: they think it’s all about “drawing quickly” or “making a fast sketch”. But gesture drawing is about drawing the movement and energy that you see in anything, and in this course, I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to do that.

This class is not just for artists; this class is not solely for people who are figure drawing students; this class is for anyone who wants to unlock their own creative voice and discover their unique drawing language.

I am passionate about sharing this approach and teaching people Gesture Drawing: I’ve taught so many people how to access this powerful way of drawing, and I’ve seen how it totally transforms their work. I hope you join me in this class and learn how to tap into your own voice through drawing.

There are 5 drawing projects to work through and each one uses a specific gesture drawing technique that will help you to expand your creative and drawing vocabulary. The projects build from one to the other over the course of the lessons, and by the final project you will get to use all the exercises in one final piece.

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How to Do Gesture Drawing: Drawing Life


Section 1: Introduction

What materials you need

What is Gesture Drawing

What is the Natural Way to Draw?

Section 2: Techniques

Mark Making and Observation

What tools to Use

Setting Up

Warm Up Exercises

Section 3: Drawing Projects

The Entire Drawing

Directional Lines

Selective Scribbles

The Human Figure