Advanced Storyboarding


This course dives deep into the art of drawing storyboards professionally for film and animation.

Learn Story Boarding + Animation + Drawing in one course! Whether you want to lean 2d animation or filmmaking & gaming, or just how to draw characters.

I teach you how to draw dynamic character poses for animation, how to do Gesture Drawing and how to work with Character Model Sheets and Layouts. I also unpack advanced principles of drawing for animation such as: Composition,  Staging for the Action; Framing your Shots and how to lead the audience’s eyes to where you want them to look. In addition, you will also learn directing techniques like when to cut a scene, when not to cut, and how to build audience identification with the characters of your story. This course is also packed with practical exercises and 3 fun assignments so that you can start making work for your portfolio. By the end of the course, you’ll be primed for professional success as a Storyboard Artist!

What you’ll learn

  • You’ll learn how to draw storyboards for a script, and how to visually tell a story in the clearest possible way
  • You’ll learn about story beats, how to break down a script and how to choose the right shots and camera angles
  • You will learn what gesture drawing is and what it isn’t; and how to draw dynamic characters
  • You’ll also learn about filmmaking techniques like editing. I’ll show you when to cut, when not to cut; how to stage the action
  • This course unpacks composition principles for film and animation, so you will learn how to best compose your shots

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Professional skills for story boarding for Film and Animation




Section 1: Introduction
Whats Covered in this Course
The Class Projects
Our Community

Section 2: Drawing Skills
Top 3 Tips to Ramp Up your Skills
Gesture Drawing
How to Draw Dynamic Poses
Layouts and Backgrounds

Section 3: Advanced Visual Storytelling
Staging for the Action
How to Create Depth
Identifying the Storypoint
Beats and Timing

Section 4: Linear Storytelling
Opening Sequences
Alternative Opening Sequences
When to Cut, and when not to
Match Cuts and Hook Ups
Standaard Shots for Character Development  

Section 5: Conclusion
Wrap Up and Review